Customized solution by skin type Dual-function product

(brightening, wrinkle improvement) 

Contains plant-derived extract 

Good ingredients with
safe EWG grade 

SLGROUP – For the past several years, NEGERO has been conducting research on cosmetics that soothe skin most effectively and provide moisture and nourishment stably.

With the philosophy of sticking to nature, we have launched pure skincare products under the brand name NEGERO in 2018 by maximizing the use of natural extract and by minimizing chemical use.

The company’s belief and philosophy with regard to natural extract ingredients are the basis for creating the basic skincare cosmetics of the "NEGERO" brand under a new concept in the cosmetic market, which is already saturated with cosmetics made by big companies.

In the coming years, we plan to launch products made with great care by sticking to the philosophy of "Ingredients closest to nature are the most beneficial to human skin." We ask for your continuous support and interest in the growth of NEGERO cosmetics.

Major natural ingredients


Certificate of CGMP-compliant business

CGMP certification

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